We Made Too Many


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See below for details. You will NOT receive a medal you have already purchased!


Custom Bib

[Optional] Enter your firstname/nickname exactly as you want it displayed on your race bib. Leave blank for none. If you are registering multiple people and want custom bibs for each of them, add them to your cart one at a time.

Printed Bib

[Optional] Would you like to add a premium printed bib to this registration? Digital bibs are provided for free.


We Made Too Many

Because we always want to be able to ship medals to you right away, we make them far ahead of time, and sometimes we make too many. So here is your chance to register for one of our past virtual races* for just $19!

The catch: You won’t know which event you are registering for until after you finish checking out, but you will know immediately after completing your order – no waiting! Think of We Made Too Many like a virtual race grab bag that you get to open immediately after completing your purchase.

Our guarantee: Our system will randomly select a virtual race for you*, but we guarantee it won’t be one you have previously registered for! This is why We Made Too Many is only available for logged in customers (new customers simply need to complete any other purchase first).

*Not all past races are available. Limit one We Made Too Many purchase per order (you may place as many orders as you like). If you have already registered for all We Made Too Many qualifying events, you will not be able to add We Made Too Many to your cart.

Again, you will never be sent a medal from a virtual race you have already participated in!